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Philosophy of a Craftsman

Coffee is something very important even though the average person who treats it's not respecting it.

Bartenders and restaurant owners often let themselves be seduced by the false words of false friends who, incidentally, represent an industrial roastery... They are convinced to save money for the purchase of equipment, while they overpay it. Even in these times that no one has ever given anything. And accompany these equipment "free", claims because "who sells me the product I MUST also give the Espresso machine for free",generally low quality blends, with some touch of quality and some hint of the depths of flavor.

The choice of supplier is therefore a competition to see who manages to wrest more gadgets, more wipes, plus signs, cups and clocks to the roasters .

Good, or you believe that you so clever .

You'll pay all them, in reality, and with interests. But you do not care about anything . Ok, you're cool!

But if you think that a supply of hancrafted Caffè for your bar, restaurant or local is a good choice to deal successfully with the crisis of recent years, increase customers and make people talk about you for the quality of the Caffè that is given by you, I serve to this.

I sell Caffè, not money. I supply the owners of their equipment with the best products available on the market, that the industries can not afford to use for their tricks because they cost too much. Only pure Arabica Caffè, in blends or Single Origin .

Dal 2007 il mio Caffè è sulla guide of the Italians Bar by Gambero Rosso as the best of Ferrara.

The passion, commitment and quality pays off . Today, more than ever.
But we must go separate ways from the crowd, from the one that wants the machine, the grinder, and also the sign.

I teach you to make Caffè.