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The Company

This factory is born from an open drawer, opened to free the dream kept in until 2004.

There are sensations, colors, smells, actions which remain etched in our minds when we are children, and at some point it comes the time to open the drawer that holds them captive.

Caffè is attracting. It's a product which revolve around ancient rituals, traditions, influences from distant lands, rare flavors.
Open another roasting to join the hundreds already operating in Italy with the sole aim of profit was not eligible.

I have despoiled Caffè of all unnecessary. I point to the substance of the matter.
And to his dignity.
Treated with respect, carefully chosen in order to respect the taste and health of customers, through low caffeine content Origins, processed in an optimal way to enhance the aromatic characteristics of every bean.

The Caffè Roastery Artlife - Penazzi 1926 was born in 2004 in Ferrara, in Piazza della Repubblica, at the numbers 27 and 29, almost opposite the Castello Estense.

It was a sign of destiny open it there, I don't believe in case any more. From Bologna, my instinct followed the invisible traces of past history, creating the Roasting laboratory where Mr. Arrigo Penazzi had opened his in 1926. I was called by the Genius Loci to put following a story interrupted at the beginning of World War II. As the sidewalk until the '60s when he is smelling of coffee, with other followers of Penazzi, it was time, he said, resuming the journey he undertook.

The Bottega del Caffè, as now entered in the collective, proposes for tasting and sale Caffè Cru and Arabica blends that I roast following manually each roasting batch. But not only that Caffè is treated, since you can find specialty Chocolate, Biscuits, in season Panettone and Doves craft, as well as wines, beers Baladin, Rum and rare Spirits, Pasta, and much more to discover. In short, it's worth a tour, because the stock is renewed frequently.

The roasting laboratory is on the outskirts of Ferrara, and there I treat the wholesale and professionals.

More information on how to supply Caffè for Bars and Restaurants in the website section "Philosophy".

From 2007 to present, the Bottega del Caffè is renowned as the holder of the best Ferrara's Caffè on the Italian Guide to Bar by Gambero Rosso.